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Help & Info about 8 Ball Pool - Miniclip for windows

  • What is 8 Ball Pool?

    8 Ball Pool is a pool simulation game which is available to download as an app or to play through a browser on Miniclip's website. In the game, you view the table overhead and play against opponents in real time on a one-on-one basis. The game allows you to play anonymously or through an avatar if you log in.
  • Is 8 Ball Pool Free?

    Yes, the game is free to download and to play. Supporting a number of European languages, it does have in-app purchases, however, such as fees for purchasing coins or for upgrading your cue. Even so, there is no need to spend any money.
  • Can I Play 8 Ball Pool In Single Player Mode?

    Although it is possible to play in guest mode so that you can hone your pool playing skills without spending any of your hard-earned coins, the game will always pair you with another guest. In other words, there is no single player mode where you play against a computer.
  • What Is the Best Way to Break in 8 Ball Pool?

    There is no established way of breaking off perfectly in the game. Any break that pots a ball on the first shot will mean you retain control of the table. You must make sure that at least one ball is struck hard enough to then run onto the table's cushion.
  • How Do You Change Cues in 8 Ball Pool?

    In the game's main screen, tap on the 'Pool Shop' button then select the 'Cues' tab. From here, it is possible to purchase a number of different cues. To change your cue hit the 'Owned' button to see which ones you have in your locker. Cues need recharging to work effectively which costs players coins.
  • Does 8 Ball Pool Cost Money?

    Pool is a cost-free gaming experience both to download and to play. However, it is possible to buy coins and in-game cash. If you want to buy things like customised tables and cues, then this will cost you real-world money.
  • Does 8 Ball Pool Work on Android Devices?

    The game is available to download for Android devices from the Google store. It is also available for iOS devices from the app store. The game plays perfectly well with a number of browsers, too, so long as Flash is able to function.
  • How Do You Win Tournaments in 8 Ball Pool?

    To win a tournament you must enter one and pay the entry fee from your available coins. All you then have to do is to win three games in a row in order to win the tournament.
  • Can You Turn Off Chat in 8 Ball Pool?

    8 Ball Pool allows you to 'talk' to other players with a limited number of messages. However, if an opponent is trying to put you off your game with a barrage of messages, then simply head to 'Settings' and select 'Ignore Chat Messages'.
  • How Do You Earn Coins in 8 Ball Pool?

    The best way to earn coins is to win games. A game that costs 500 coins to enter will potentially earn you 1,000 coins, if you win. Tournaments winners also earn coins. There's also a 'Spin and Win' mini-game which allows you to earn coins.


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